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General Dentistry

General Dentistry

A general dentist is one person who is seen more than any other practitioner in the healthcare sector. That is because general dentistry is distinctively oriented towards the prevention of diseases. Moreover, it is estimated that up to 65% of all dental procedures are between preventative and diagnostic measures. That is why Fox Valley dental is here to cater for all your general dentistry.

With strong emphasis on oral health as well as the hygiene, our dentist in Aurora help individuals of all ages to avoid the advancement of oral disease.

At a routine visit to a Aurora Dentist, you will probably have a comprehensive examination of your mouth. This mainly includes, teeth, gums as well as other structures. In addition, a dentist in Aurora will make sure that you get a professional oral cleaning and a detailed discussion about your general oral health.

In case your thorough examination reveals irregularities, you will probably have to undergo a procedure to curb or treat it. While all these procedures are mostly common, they are hardly the only services your general Aurora Dentist will provide.

What Do Our General Dentists Do?

Dissimilar to specialists who are usually focused on a particular aspect of a dental practice, the Aurora Dentist general dentist will provide a wide range of services that are important to your continued health. Some of the normal general dentistry practices that you will find at Fox Valley Dental include;

Preventive Services

These are essential in helping you to maintain a good oral health by getting rid of diseases before they devour your mouth. Normal examinations include X-rays and professional teeth cleaning.

Restorative Services

When an issue is found, your dentist in Aurora will ensure that you get timely and appropriate treatment. The most common practice carried out include, the removal of a decayed tooth and placing a filling in the affected tooth. Other advanced services include, orthodontics, root canal therapy, as well as dental implants.

Cosmetic Procedures

When you visit our Aurora Dentist, you will get a sparkling smile that you have always wanted with our wide range of cosmetic procedures. Procedures include, teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding and much more.

Overall Health Concerns

Your oral health looks like a mirror to your general health. A certain dental issue may reveal a further problem of your body. Our dentist in Aurora will be at hand to make sure that you are okay in all areas. In addition, you will get nutritional counseling and the overall health and wellness information.

Our Qualified General Dentists

All Fox Valley Dental professional are qualified, experienced and accredited. Moreover, they have fulfilled all the necessary requirements. In addition to their standard training, our dentists have special training in specific areas in order to carry out the tasks at hand effectively.

When Should You Visit A Dentist?

For preventative services, you should see a dentist in Aurora after every six months. However, if you have an urgent case, you can set up an appointment immediately!

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